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A word from PwC Kenya Partner and Consumer and Industrial Products and Services Industry leader, Michael Mugasa.

Retail industry disruption

PwC's Wreford Momanyi comments on the growth and increased competitiveness in Kenya's retail industry and how businesses can thrive in today's environment.

Getting personal – technology in Entertainment and Media

The most successful E&M companies of the future will be those that can deliver tailored and responsive content to the right audiences conveniently and through preferred devices using the right technologies. A tall order for any industry, as PwC's Meshack Ndirangu shares in this article.

The role of technology in the private healthcare sector

Modern health systems can treat and cure more diseases than ever before. New technology is bringing innovation to old treatments. Technology has had an impact far beyond health, as PwC's Benjamin Mkwizu discusses in this article.

Transport and logistics

In the current environment, some transport and logistics networks have experienced delays and disruptions. What do businesses in the Consumer & Industrial Products Services sector need to consider when planning for the future? PwC's June Kago shares some insights in this article

The new business combinations standard: IFRS 3

The new IFRS guidance provides a framework to evaluate when an input and a substantive process are present. In this article, PwC's Akinyemi Awodumila discusses in depth what the new standard means for different businesses.

Factors to consider: Planning for recovery and business expansion

Before planning a major expansion, businesses should conduct a critical and in-depth review of their current operations and obligations and the impact of the expansion, PwC's Eric Owino shares.

Disruptive Innovation in the Consumer Business Industry

Innovation is hard and disruptive innovation is even harder. Self-disruption is the hardest of all! In today’s digital age when innovation is the main driver for economic and social development, laggards soon get relegated. PwC's Steve Kaluna discusses further.

Navigating choppy economic times for distressed businesses

With many businesses experiencing early warning signs of distress, it is important to proactively manage and effectively navigate various factors which can lead to significant distress. PwC's George Weru, Malvi Chavda and Danvas Mong'are share more insights in this article.

Rethinking customer experience of the future

A good customer experience strategy works in tandem with solid customer and business strategies. Customer experience (CX) may be a soft concept, but getting it right takes a tough-minded strategy. PwC's Annitah Mukoli & Wreford Momanyi discuss this in detail.

Family Businesses and Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is severely testing all the attributes that give family businesses a competitive edge. Your ability to survive and prepare to rebuild is critical to the future of your family, your business and all the people who rely on it. In this article, PwC's Michael Mugasa and Sunny Vikram share some practical advice about the key areas in your ownership sphere to focus on, and how to address the unique challenges your family business may be facing right now.

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